Heart Eyes

A few months ago I found this website with fun and quirky sunglasses. You can find sunglasses with Swarovski stones or burgers. Yes you read that right burgers. This website is not helping my bank and my obsession with sunglasess. On another note I decided to style this full skirt into a wrap skirt. #BrokeGirlFashion

Hace algunos mese atras descubri una marca de lentes. Estos lentes son para todo tipo de gustos. Podras encotrar lentes con piedras de Swarovski y hasta hamburgesas. Leyeron bien, dije hamburgesas. Estos lentes son mi nueva obsession. Tambien decidi acomodar esta falda a otro estilo como el que lusco hoy. Que tal?

What Im Wearing:

Sunnies: Gasoline Glamour

Crop Top: Liesl Binx

Skirt: Asos

Sneakers: Nike

Body positivity only, please!

Oprah Magazine, 
Fat shaming is never ok, or any type of body shaming in general. Why are we putting aside those people who do not have flat bellies and wish to wear crop tops? As a non-flat belly person I ask you to reconsider your words and in the future be much more careful with what is put out there. I am not only concerned for those who will read your magazine and will feel ashamed about their bodies but for the person who wrote it. What about those people around you without flat bellies? What about those young girls who never felt pretty because in the world that we live in today media outlets exclude those with certain body types. As a public platform let’s try and put body positivity out there rather then shame. I personally believe that we should all love our bodies. Love them and take care of them no matter what size it may be. And for those who truly believe that you must have a flat belly to wear crop tops I will leave you these pictures right here. 


Dear fat girls and boys,

Please don’t forget to be kind to your bodies. I know how uncomfortable it can be to get dressed when you are ashamed of your body. I too wore sweaters on 90 degree weather just to cover back fat or my chubby arms. My confidence has progressed through out the years but I am still not as confident as I might seem. Its an everyday struggle. We are learning to love what we were once taught to hate and trust me I get it, somedays are better then others. But, at the end of the day it is up to you to learn to appreciate and love yourself.

Querida chicas y chicos gorditos,

Porfavor hagan caso a sus cuerpos. Yo se que incomodo puede ser vestirse en el verano cuando se tiene pena por su cuerpo. Yo en algun momento tambien me ahogaba en sueters solo por cubrir el gruesor de mis brazos o por las longitas que cuelgan por la espalda. Aun asi entiendan que su cuerpo no es razon por la cual avergonzarse. Muchos piensan que por tener un blog de moda en la cual pongo fotos constantes de mi en diferentes vestuarios he logrado tener el mejor autoestima del mundo. La verdad es que si he logrado sentirme mejor de la manera en la que me veo pero no pueden olvidar que es question de cada uno aprender a quererse y hacerse respetar. Todos los dias es una guerra interna donde tenemos que aprender a querer lo que en algun momento nos ensenaron a odiar. Quieranse mucho!

What Im Wearing:

Dress : Old Navy

Button up: Forever21

Shoes: Converse

Shades: N/A